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Mon 3/23: ATLFF Experiments in Cinema

At 7 Stages.

Once again, film programmer Christina Humphery has culled a superb collection films from a worldwide pool and allowed us to co-present them at the Atlanta Film Festival. Join us and filmmakers Brooks Lee, Russell Sheaffer, Anna Spence, Brendan & Jeremy Smyth, and Noah Shulman.

Full program here.

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Fri 5/15: Internet Killed the MTV Star

At Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery. $7

Cisco predicts that by next year 90% of internet traffic will be attributed to videos. Behind Google and Facebook, Youtube is the most popular website on the Internet. As a result, filmmakers are adapting to new technologies and ways of sharing while serving a shortened attention span. But of course, not every filmmaker is interested in going viral. Pull back the veneer of the viral video and you'll find a generation of filmmakers who have been influenced by genre films, by art, by experimental filmmakers. This show is dedicated to the experimenters who create love letters to their influences, while exhibiting a dynamic sense of adventure- all within music video packaging.

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Sat 6/13: Short, Strange & Southern Fried!

At Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery. $7

Southern Banner

The South is a strange place, isn't it?

Our first screening of the summer kicks off with a block of short films that examine all manner of southern oddities, both silly and sinister. Presented digitally and on 16mm, these animated, live action and experimental films explore the atmosphere and character of the American South. You'll laugh, you'll be confused and you'll be very disturbed, all things you've probably experienced at a Waffle House at 2am. Award winning films by Einar Baldvin, Skizz Cyzyk, Ryan Gillis, Jason LaRay Keener, Simon Mercer, Kelly Sears and local filmmakers Blake Myers and Anna Spence (both in attendance).

Cheerwine and Cornbread will be had as well as DVD giveaways.

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Sat 8/8: Indie Grits Roadshow

At Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery. $7

Indie Grits Roadshow Banner

In Columbia, South Carolina a great stronghold for Southern filmmakers has formed. Since 2007 the Indie Grits Film Festival has charged blindly and passionately onto the scene, gathering some of the region's most innovative and creative cinematic, culinary, artistic and musical talents. What started as a DIY festival for a dedicated filmmaker audience has blossomed into a staple of the city’s progressive life providing thousands of visitors and locals access to an unmatched cultural experience. Contraband Cinema is honored to welcome the Indie Grits Roadshow to Atlanta where audiences in our city can experience the festival in short-form, for one night only. Join us and several Atlanta filmmakers for films, music and beverages Saturday, August 8th at Eyedrum.

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Sat 9/12: Play War

Play War Poster

In her latest production from her long-term study of war gaming in America, Ruth Dusseault composes an experimental documentary film that illuminates the role of imagination and play in the process of healing from the psychological wounds of war. Using experimental treatment footage from the University of Southern California's Center for Creative Technologies, we experience virtual reality exposure therapy sessions from the perspective of an Iraqi war veteran suffering from PTSD. In Respawn, virtual footage of real war intertwines with real footage of fake war. About half the players in large-scale paintball scenario games are veterans. Many of them seek self-healing using the memory triggers available on a paintball field - the explosions, adrenaline rush, weaponry and camaraderie create an immersive environment for transcoding battlefield memories into a game.

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Sat 4/11: Products of our Environment

At Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery. $7

April is Earth Month!

To celebrate, we invite filmmakers to share work pondering the invasion, destruction, creation and chaos occurring every day on our home rock. Films presented on video and 16mm will explore invasive plant and animal species, animate the corpses and excrement of various life forms, directly apply elements of nature on film stock, make the room glow with bio-luminescence, and showcase the total cycle of life on earth. Films by Stan Brakhage, Greta Snider, Josh Gibson, David Montgomery, Caleb Wood, and Atlanta's own Robbie Land (in person).

Come early for free seeds!

Doors at 7pm. Films promptly 8pm.

Downtown at Eyedrum, 88 Forsyth St SW, Atlanta, GA, 30303.

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Sat 9/26: ROAR at Zoo Atlanta!

ROAR at Zoo Atlanta

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