Sat 4/11: Products of our Environment

At Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery. $7

April is Earth Month!

To celebrate, we invite filmmakers to share work pondering the invasion, destruction, creation and chaos occurring every day on our home rock. Films presented on video and 16mm will explore invasive plant and animal species, animate the corpses and excrement of various life forms, directly apply elements of nature on film stock, make the room glow with bio-luminescence, and showcase the total cycle of life on earth. Films by Stan Brakhage, Greta Snider, Josh Gibson, David Montgomery, Caleb Wood, and Atlanta's own Robbie Land (in person).

Come early for free seeds!

Doors at 7pm. Films promptly 8pm.

Downtown at Eyedrum, 88 Forsyth St SW, Atlanta, GA, 30303.

Totem (2014) - Caleb Wood - animation, color, 2m

Produced for Adult Swim’s Off the Air, this animation is a celebration of anima.

The Garden of Earthly Delights (1981) - Stan Brakhage - 6mm, color, 2m

This collage film was created without the use of a camera by directly applying natural elements and vegetation directly to a strip of 16mm clear leader.

Yield (2014) - Caleb Wood - video, color, 1m​­

Warning: This film contains graphic images of death. All animals photographed have been found as roadkill. In this film roadkill deaths are documented, and collectively animated.

Nile Perch (2013) - Josh Gibson - 35mm (presented on video), b&w, 17m

This film tracks a fish from a fisherman’s line on Lake Victoria in Uganda to export commodity. This hand-made 35mm film is a modern-day parable of the effects of globalization on Africa and a meditation on the economic and ecological impact of an invasive species.

Quarry Movie (1999) - Greta Snider - 16mm, color, 10m

The idea in the QUARRY MOVIE was not to use techniques to achieve a 'look,' but rather to achieve a presence, and then see what it looks like. Ten filmmakers fanned out over the landscape, documenting the place on 16mm, with and without the camera.

Matters of Bioluminescence (2011-present) - Robbie Land - 16mm, color, 6m

In an ongoing process, Robbie Land extends his 16mm film to record instances of bioluminescence occuring on Earth through direct application, light exposure and time-lapse.

Bird Shit (2013) - Caleb Wood - video, color, 1m​­

A closer look at the behaviors of birds, through animated cell phone photos of bird shit.

Zombie Dragonfly Discotheque (2012) David Montgomery - video, color, 6m

The re-animation of a swarm of Green darner dragonflies that passed through Northeast Florida in late September. Simultaneously life at its most vibrant and carnage at its worst.

Kudzu Vine (2012)- Josh Gibson - 5mm (presented on video), b&w, 20m​­

Through images of kudzu-covered forms, in hand-processed 35mm CinemaScope, radiating with the luminance of early cinema, this ode to the climbing, trailing, and coiling species evokes agricultural history and mythic textures of the South.

Kudzu Vine from Josh Gibson on Vimeo.

Products of our environment program