As an Atlanta based microcinema, Contraband Cinema is resource for filmmakers pursuing fine-art, essay, documentary, home movie, orphan, cult, animation and exploitation films and videos. We connect Atlanta audiences with the strange and wonderful sub-stream of underground cinema.


Sat 8/8: Indie Grits Roadshow

At Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery. $7

Indie Grits Roadshow Banner

In Columbia, South Carolina a great stronghold for Southern filmmakers has formed. Since 2007 the Indie Grits Film Festival has charged blindly and passionately onto the scene, gathering some of the region's most innovative and creative cinematic, culinary, artistic and musical talents. What started as a DIY festival for a dedicated filmmaker audience has blossomed into a staple of the city’s progressive life providing thousands of visitors and locals access to an unmatched cultural experience. Contraband Cinema is honored to welcome the Indie Grits Roadshow to Atlanta where audiences in our city can experience the festival in short-form, for one night only. Join us and several Atlanta filmmakers for films, music and beverages Saturday, August 8th at Eyedrum.


Introduction with festival director Seth Gadsen and Pedro

Opening Musical Act: SALSA CHEST

Short Film Block I (30min)

  • Meet the Press,​ 2min, directed by Nicholas Pilarski
  • Serenade,​ 2min, directed by Rob Tiffin (Athens), lead actor Benjamin Lamm (Atlanta)
  • Yearbook, 5​min, directed by Bernardo Britto
  • Happy Memories,​ 6min, directed by Jack Fields
  • Dolphin Lover,​ 15min, directed by Kareem Tabsch




Short Film Block II (35min)

  • Spanish Moss, 3​min, directed by Lynne Hull
  • Pearl Pistols,​ 3min, directed by Kelly Gallagher
  • Bubble,​ 6min, directed by Jen West (Atlanta)
  • THIS IS YATES, ​24min, directed by Yates (Columbia)

Dance Party w/ SALSA CHEST

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