En route to the show, Anna Spence was seized by the Protection Of Popular Cinematic Output Retailing and Normalcy (P.O.P.C.O.R.N.). There was a struggle. Fortunately she was able to escape the blockade with her life, but not her film. A committed operative, Anna has bravely made her film available to us online. Please watch it here or on her website.

Memory Lapse from Ex-Liontamer on Vimeo.

Sat. 11/19: Avant To Live!

Robbie Land + Michael Betancourt + Sylvia Schedelbauer + Christopher Childs
+ Anna Spence + Takuro Masuda

Saturday November 19th 8pm at Beep Beep Gallery

An evening of Avant-Garde Cinema! Camera-less works, glitch animation, 16mm film lit by fireflies, static datamoshing, archival collage, excel animation, and hand-painted films made by leading fine-art filmmakers working within the region and the globe. Four filmmakers in person! (Filmmaker bios below)

$6 recommended donation.


  • "False Friends" Sylvia Schedelbauer, 6 min, 2007
  • "Untitled SP #1" Christopher Childs, 6 min, 2008
  • "Memory Lapse" Anna Spence, 2 min, 2011
  • "Shell" Takuro Masuda, 30 sec, 2011
  • "One" Michael Betancourt, 2 min, 2011


  • "Sounding Glass" Sylvia Schedelbauer, 10 min, 2011 (World premiered at “Views From The Avant-Garde” NYFF 2011)
  • "Fall Creek Road Study #6" Robbie Land, 2 min, 2003
  • "Tache" Michael Betancourt, 1 min, 2000
  • "Firefly" Takuro Masuda, 30 sec, 2011
  • "Matters of Bioluminescence" Robbie Land, 8 min, 2011

Filmmaker Bios

Sylvia Schedelbauer Berlin, Germany
Schedelbauer is a Berlin based filmmaker, artist and writer whose work has won the VG Bildkunst Award and the German Film Critics' Award for Best Experimental Film. Her most recent film, Sounding Glass comes to us fresh off its world premiere at NYFF's distinguished "Views From The Avant-Garde" program.
Michael Betancourt Savannah, Georgia
As an artist, media historian, critical theorist, and curator, Betancourt has exhibited his movies, site-specific installations, and non-traditional art forms in unseen, unusual, or public spaces since 1992. His most recent film, "One", is currently being exhibited all around the country.
Robbie Land Atlanta, Georgia
Land works primarily with 16mm and Super8 film to create vibrant portraits of places, particularly in the South. His two programmed films are made by direct application of biological elements to the film, and exposing them using bioluminescence.
Christopher Childs Athens, Georgia
Childs interest in filmmaking was born out of documenting punk bands around Atlanta, this interest soon lead him to study Documentary Filmmaking at The New School in New York City where he worked alongside Albert Maysles. He continues his exploration in non-narrative filmmaking through a series of hand-painted 16mm films.
Takuro Masuda Atlanta, Georgia
Masuda is an Atlanta based animator whose work lately has continued to trend towards non-narrative studies of contrasting colors through various mediums. His creations range from stop-motion vaseline animation to pixel animation using Microsoft Excel.
Creative Loafing write-up
Anna Spence Atlanta, Georgia
Spence is a local multi-media artist whose projects incorporate moving images with sound. Most recently her projects center around video collage, datamoshing, and glitch methods.